Acupuncture Treatments



"Health that has been restored due to cultivation of virtue is not the same as health that has been restored simply due to the dispelling of illness…
When we focus solely on dispelling illness in order to restore health, a priceless opportunity for the spirit is lost”
Thea Elijah ¨Perennial Medicine¨

“We are all substantially flawed, wounded, angry, hurt, here on Earth. But this human condition, so painful to us, and in some ways shameful - because we feel we are weak when the reality of ourselves is exposed - is made much more bearable when it is shared, face to face, in words that have expressive human eyes behind them.
Alice Walker "Anything we love can be saved"

“Trust your wound to a teacher's surgery.
Flies collect on a wound. They cover it,
those flies of your self protective feelings,
your love for what you think is yours.

Let a teacher wave away the flies
and put a plaster on the wound.
Don't turn your head.
Keep looking at the bandage place.
That's where the light enters you.

And don't believe for a moment
that you're healing yourself".
RUMI "Childhood Friends ”